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Expedition Packing List and Information.

  • Must turn in all 3 waivers. One is for Landmark. One is for Ocoee Retreat Center. One is for the NOC which is the rafting company we’ll be using.
  • 5:45am is departure time on Thursday from Landmark.

  • Will Return around 1:00pm on Saturday.

  • One suitcase. One carryon.

  • Cell Phones can be used on travel days, but will be locked up during the retreat.

Packing List

1. A Physical Bible (Not Digital)
2. A Journal
3. Clothes that will get nasty dirty.
4. Athletic Shoes that can get nasty dirty.
5. Modest Swimsuit (No Bikinis or Speedos)

6. Sunscreen

7. $$ for Saturday lunch while traveling.
8. Water Bottle
9. Sunscreen
10. Hang around the cabin clothes.
11. Snacks for Thursday and Friday Night 12. Twinkies
13. Sleeping Bag
14. Pillow
15. 2 Towels.

NOC Waiver (The Rafting Company)

Ocoee Retreat Center Waiver

Landmark Students Waiver

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