God has designed you with unique and awesome gifts and abilities. We want to see you grow in those areas. Our goal is for you to connect to the local Church and grow inward as you grow outward. Here are the ways we seek to accomplish this goal:

Sunday Morning Groups

Every Sunday Morning our entire congregation comes together to worship, encourage, and commune with our Father.  In between these worship gatherings the teens will meet together in the teen room to study.  We have three different groups.  We will have a senior high class, a junior high class, and a discipleship class.  The discipleship class will be a time for students who want to lead and plan discipleship groups in their schools. 

Wednesday Night Services

"Lymitless" is a weekly service for students that meets Wednesday nights at 6:30. Lymitless is a relaxed environment where students will experience relevant worship and hear a life giving message. This is the starting point in your journey with Landmark Students; come and bring your friends!


Disciples make disciples.  This is done through intentional relationships with each other. Strong relationships are cultivated through spending time together serving, studying, and having fun.  

Small groups are key in developing disciples.  This Spring we want to put a greater emphasis on our small group ministry.  When we meet together for small groups they will be in homes.  We will continue to divide our groups into guys and girls.  We will also continue to divide by grades.  Small groups will meet 2 to 3 times a month in homes starting in February.

The 11/12th grades will meet at the Kirkland’s house.  The 9/10th grades will meet at the Rine’s house.  The 7/8th grades will meet at the Sansom’s house.  We will have parent sign ups to help assist with snacks at each of these homes. 

Each small group leader will be very intentional in their student’s lives.  We want them to be active in building relationships with each student.  This means they will want to spend time with students outside the designated small group time.  

Once a month we will bring everyone together for a group activity.  Sometimes this will be a game or movie.  Sometimes this will be a service night.  Other times it will be a night of praise and worship.  Our times together are very important to build community within our student ministry.


ServeTeams give you a place to live out the purpose for which you were created by God. After learning your gifts and characteristics through a spiritual gifts survey, your next step is to join one of our ServeTeams. ServeTeams are groups of students that serve at our Lymitless service. The teams allow you to exercise your gifts in a safe and exciting environment on a consistent basis. ServeTeams consist of but are not limited to: Greeters, App, Connect, Worship, Tech, Social Media, Cafe, and Prayer. We will add ServeTeams as more students with different gifts join on. Let us know if you see another area in which we need to add a ServeTeam!

“He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace” (2 Timothy 1:9)